2/18/22 - ChessKid Tournament

Surprisingly enough, just like last time, 21 participants joined our ChessKid tournament from 4 PM to about 5:20 PM. We had many returning members and as well as new ones (Levi Willett, Brayden Tantisira, Arthur Arman, Marcus Wong, Jake Thompson, Elizaveta Khotimchenko).

First place: Elliot Ho

Second place: Ryuta Watanabe Nunez

Third Place: Matthew Hsu

Top 10 finishers:

1. Elliot Ho
2. Ryota Watanabe Nunez
3. Matthew Hsu
4. Vihaan Gupta
5. Rustam Zokirov
6. Brayden Tantisira
7. Jack Garrison
8. Nicolas Palacios
9. Arthur Arman
10. Nolan Zerboni

Many interesting games were played. Below find all the games played. If you want to see some selected games click HERE.