02/06/22 - ChessKid Tournament

Our first tournament has encountered some technical difficulties with participants joining our ChessKid Online Club as well as finding their way to join the tournament. In spite of everything, 20 participants played all 4 rounds. The top 10 finishers were:

Anthony Mokhov

Matthew Hsu

Ryuta Watanabe Nunez

Kathryn Mokhov

Koroush Asadi

Nikita Glukhikh

Villon Chan

Jack Garrison

Ren Chan

Vihaan Gupta

It was a very exciting event with many interesting games played.

Below find all the results from the tournament (Player name, Round 1-4, Total score, Tiebreaks): You don't need to be logged into ChessKid to see all games. Click here for best games.