April ScholasticTournament (4/24/2022)

April Scholastic Tournament went smooth in 3 sections (K5 U-600, K8 U800, and OPEN). 85 participants came and played 5 rounds from 10:15 AM til about 2:45 PM. The awards ceremony took place at 3 PM.

In the Open section Sebastian Burns and Sarthak Gattani both had 4.5 points and received the first and second place trophies. Jayce Waltzer and Kathryn Mokhov both had 4 points and got third and forth place trophies. In the second K8 U800 section, Alexander King placed first with 4.5 points. Vihaan Gupta, Christopher Wang and Daniel Maxwell were awarded the second, third and forth place trophies with 4 points each. In K5 U600 section, Antoine Maile Le-Roch got the first place trophy finishing with the impressive 5 out of 5 score. Hiro Uchiyama, Adrian Adiev, and Yahir Moreno finished with 4 points and got second, third, and forth places. All the prize winners were determined on tie-breaks so no play-offs were needed.

Special thanks to Jonathan Frye, Jim Harrell, Chuck Ensey, Bruce Charnov, Lucinda Hsu and Jason Nunez for helping out with this tournament.

We enjoyed having all the kids play at our club today and looking forward to re-start bigger scholastic tournament after the summer break. Stay tuned to smaller scale USCF rated scholastic events at our club coming up soon.