Scholastic Chess Returns to the club

December 19, 2021

The December Scholastic Tournament was a huge success. 63 players age 4 to 14 tested their skills playing 5 rounds at the club. The unrated tournament introduced many to competitive play. Clocks were not used, and writing moves was optional. Most games were finished within 30 minutes.
Kids and parents had a great time, and many expressed interest in upcoming events which indicates renewed interest in scholastic play at the club.
Everyone got a medal, and 7 trophies were awarded. Koroush Asadi finished with a perfect score of 5 points to win the golden trophy. Lorenzo Antonio and Wynn Marple battled in blitz chess for second and third place, both with 4.5 points. David Nersisyan, Abhiram Kasireddi, Aaron Wu and Ren Chan also received trophies with 4 points each.
Congratulations to all the kids who played! We are excited to resume scholastic chess at the club and look forward to 2022.