02/27/22 - In Person Tournament

Our second large scholastic tournament was another huge success. 83 young chess players came to play in 3 different sections (U400, U800 and Open). Vinayak Venugopal finished with the perfect score in the Open section. Wynn Marple and Zongyou Yu got second and third places. Lorenzo Antonio and Jonah Villafana battled in blitz for the forth place. In the U800, Preston Pampo was a clear first with a perfect score. Ren Chan, Vihaan Gupta and Manasvi Macha also got trophies.

We are very proud of the U400 section. For many, it was their very first tournament. Max Mohr finished with the perfect score. Daniel Niculcea and Aayushi Kasireddi got second and third places. Raul Borsella and Archer Severhill had to battle in blitz for the forth place.

The tournament is officially rated by USCF, and can be found HERE.

Photos from the tournament are HERE.